Avoiding the Biggest Online Poker Playing Mistakes

If you are wondering why you always seem to be broke and reloading your online poker bankroll, it could be a simple case of you making more than your share of the biggest mistakes at those tables. One of the things that you have to understand is that the action is moving fast online, so each mistake is magnified, especially if you are doing them over and over without realizing it.


Here are some of the biggest mistakes you are making at the online poker tables.

The biggest of all these mistakes is one you don't even realize. If you have the table chat feature turned on and you are using it, you might as well hand over your cash to the other players. These are not your friends online, they want information. You give it to them each time you cry about a bad beat, about poor starting hands, or about the hands you keep folding because you are pushed off your hands. This is like giving the table a blueprint to beat you.


When you flash your hole cards, you might think you pulled off the bluff of the century and need to gloat, but you just opened a can of worms that you are going to regret. On one hand you may have put a guy on tilt who is going to come after you with a vengeance. Then the other thing is you are again giving away free information to a table of sharks looking for a weakness in your play.


Betting patterns is another area of your game that is leaking oil, so mix up your play each session.


These are just a few of the biggest online poker mistakes you are making. Now that you know what they are, start doing the opposite to see an improvement in your game. Click on adu Q for more details.

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